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Metal Roofing in Nova Scotia

The roof is a critical component to establishing an energy efficient residence; whether it’s a new build or a replacement roof, the two biggest considerations are cost and durability.

The roofs installed by Century Metal Roofing take both these factors into consideration.

Century Metal Roofing is more than a basic roofing company – the company looks to retrieve potential energies from the metal roofs using basic heat transfer fundamentals, maximizing efficiency for the client.

Owners of a metal roof can rest assured they contribute far less to the carbon footprint than asphalt roof owners with both longevity and durability.

Metal roofs also provide an excellent mounting platform for locating solar panel arrays. Century Metal Roofing will work with you in finding the perfect solar for solar needs whether it be your home, cottage, travel trailer or boat.

A metal roof offers many advantages over a typical asphalt roof, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Far more durable
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • Far more energy efficient
  • Fire protection
  • Weather resistant